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Sacred Birman Cats

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Our cattery is small and we plan on keeping it small. There may be only few kittens available per year, for the reason, you are most probably going to have to wait to get a kitten from us. Please contact me if You are interested or have any questions.

Our kittens remain with their mother till the age of 12-16 weeks. Upon leaving our cattery all kittens are socially adapted, dewormed and vaccinated against virus diseases and rabies. Each kitten has a full pack of documents: international veterinary passport, identification microchip, pedigree as well as purchase agreement. Our kittens grow in home conditions and receive lots of attention each day. We give special attention to adapting the kitten to such objects of the surrounding world as vacuum-cleaner, blow dryer, laundry machine etc.

After the first vaccines for the little ones, You are welcome to visit and meet with us!

Sorry, currently we do not have any kittens available!